“None of us know the story of our heritage because we are all in the malls,” Celdran says. “There is a need to fill a hole, which is why so many young Filipinos have joined these tours.”

The response to “Walk this Way” led Celdran to co-found VivaManila, a community group that began as a hashtag he and friends living in Old Manila used to create social media vignettes of life in the overlooked origins of the Philippine metropolis.

Expose people to the heritage of their city, the idea goes, and neglected areas will begin to gentrify with the help of art and culture.

And, unlike in the business center of Makati, there is ample room in the older districts to restore and grow.

Read more: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/17/travel/old-manila-tour-philippines/index.html

“Viva Manila’s activities in Intramuros include their monthly fair, the Sunday Pasyal. The streets come alive with performers, graffiti art, music and food in pop-up plazas. “It is about engaging people in spaces they don’t usually visit through performance and public installations,” explains Julia Nebrija. “For tourists and locals alike it’s special, bringing people together to experience something new.””

Read more:http://www.emirates.com/english/flying/inflight_entertainment/open-skies/june-2015/2457161/manila-rising

“1. It supports pedestrianization. In order to create a smaller carbon footprint for our city and alleviate air pollution, walking is the way to go. Intramuros Pasyal hopes to show fellow Manilenos that walking is not only good for your health and the environment, but also a possibility in this city called Manila.”

Read more: http://www.spot.ph/things-to-do/54998/10-good-reasons-to-check-out-intramuros-pasyal-sunday

“Pasyal Sundays is the flagship project of Viva Manila, which free for the general public. This car-free event hypes up local artists and performers, as well as local and neighborhood businesses, with hopes of promoting the rich and fascinating culture and arts of the Old Manila and bolstering local ingenuity.”

Read more: http://www.wheninmanila.com/viva-manila-car-free-pasyal-sundays/

“Carlos Celdran’s Walk This Way has been captivating the hearts of expa­triates and locals since its launch in 2002. It is without question one of the more entertaining historical/cultural tours in the country. Celdran’s walking tour, however, is not just about presenting the past in an enter­taining manner. Behind the bunny ears and very animated tour guide is VivaManila’s big vision of reminding people of pre-war Manila.”

Read more: http://expatphilippines.ph/?p=5303

“In recent years a number of local entrepreneur artists and culturephiles have set up grass-roots NGOs to promote everything cool going on in Manila (and not in the mall).

VivaManila (www.facebook.com/vivamanila.org) is one such example, started by a proud group of Manileños on a mission to revive what had become downtrodden downtown Manila. They promote cultural events, art shows and gigs, as well as putting on street markets, music festivals and Sunday brunches.”

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/philippines/manila/travel-tips-and-articles/why-manila-is-fast-becoming-one-of-asias-coolest-cities#ixzz3Y74H2HFs