posted February 25, 2015

The flagship Viva Manila project is the Intramuros Pasyal Sunday. The event features local artisans, performers, and neighborhood businesses. Held on a Sunday, a main street in Intramuros becomes a pedestrian only thoroughfare. The event draws several hundred people through the day. Since it is free, it has become a true public space in which urban citizens across economic and social sectors interact and enjoy being together in one of Manila’s more unique neighborhoods. 

The first Pasyal was held to celebrate International Car-Less Day. Based on its popularity, Viva Manila decided to make it a monthly affair. At the moment, it is still a start up endeavor. The group is renting tents and electricity from local businesses and runs the event purely on volunteer power. Since it does not charge entrance for the event, Viva Manila is solely earning income from the tent rental and food vendor fees. 

Viva Manila held six street fairs in the historical district of Intramuros, during which we closed down a street to pedestrian and bike access only. The street programming featured independent business vendors, artisans, buskers, public art/community art, and performances including spoken word, flow arts, traditional and modern dance, music, and theatrical works. This event grew from a few hundred people to over 1,000 and remains open and free to everyone, making it one of the few completely inclusive art and culture events in Manila.