October 14-15, 2017


INTRAMUROS OPEN HOUSE this Saturday and Sunday (October 14-15) at Baluarte de San Diego! Live performances, food and art market, workshops and tours!

Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros, Manila
October 14-22, 2017


Design Week Philippines is a multi-faceted platform that brings together creative visionaries from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in a series of programs and events that celebrate design and artistry. It is a celebration of the arts and design aimed at fostering creativity and spurring innovations.

In the 8th edition of Design Week Philippines, the Design Center focuses on rebirth—from old to new, from mainstream to the path less travelled. From its previous edition of Retrospection, Design Week breathes a new life to Intramuros: from a place of old-world beauty into a place where inspiration and culture is rich, and where the most iconic traditions in Philippine Design reign supreme. This edition highlights renaissance, a resurgence of a love of things to incorporate in modern-day design solutions and works.

*Design Talks- 16 October 2017; Ayuntamiento
Intramuros Conservation [8 AM – 12 NN]
Creativity and Innovation: Leaders of Tomorrow [1 PM – 5 PM]

*Design Tour c/o Bambike

*Creative Workshops

*Art Installations

October 7 - 8, 2017


NeoFilipino is the third rung of a three-part choreographers’ series featuring established choreographers. It was initiated in 1987 as a platform for Filipino choreographers to make dance the central force, the impetus, the muscle in collaborating with other art forms: music, visual arts, theatre, literature, and film. Through innovative movement explorations, dance artists’ created experimental and provocative works that inquired about issues relating to Philippine traditional and contemporary life.

It is our belief that in today’s contemporary society, dance can serve as a powerful medium by which to resonate on current, serving as a voice for protest

NeoFilipino: Other Matters (October 2017)

NeoFilipino: Other Matters features a diverse program with choreographers venturing into discussion on a range of contemporary issues. Themes such as, homosexuality, the role of social media, the contradictory nature of life, the tensions of democratic society and the canonic declarations of the classics are fearlessly tackled in dance. Dance does not claim to be the solution to the ills of contemporary society, but nevertheless as artists, we choose to speak and have our voices heard on these “other matters.”

Other Matters is an attempt to underline what, in fact, is relegated to “other matters,” to give value to what is deemed marginal, inconsequential, to recuperate what is forgotten and perchance, perhaps, to insist on its utmost importance. For in the inconsequential might lie the treasure.


October 7, 2017


The Heritage Conservation Society and National Museum of the Philippines alongside with “Hocus: The Hofileña & Custodio Paintings”, an exhibit curated by the Society’s Chairperson-Emerita, Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta cordially invites you to:

The 6th installment of HOCUS Lectures on October 07, 2017, Saturday at Recto Hall, 3rd floor, National Museum of Fine Arts, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM entitled “Learning Philippine History & the Patronato Real through the HOCUS Collection” by Prof. Michael Charleston “XIAO” Chua. Also, Dr. Ana Maria Theresa P. Labrador, Assistant Director of the National Museum will talk on the forthcoming opening of the National Museum of Natural History as one of the programs for Museums & Galleries Month.

The HOCUS exhibition features 32 contemporary paintings that deal with the subject of Patronato Real or Royal Patronage, an arrangement made by the Spanish Monarchy and the Holy See and its ramifications to the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines.

This lecture is for free and open to the public, however participants are encouraged to pre-register to reserve seats. For the pre-registration or for more information, please contact the NM Fine Arts Division at nm.finearts@gmail.com or call (02) 527-1219.

October 5, 2017
September 30, 2017


The Arroceros Forest Park is an unlikely patch of green in the gray capital city of the Philippines. It is a biodiverse forest in the middle of a concrete jungle, and is home to a total of 152 species of plants, including vulnerable and endangered species.

It was formally called as the Arroceros Forest Park in 1993 when Winner Foundation entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Manila, to steward and sustainably develop the park. In its first year as a steward, the Winner Foundation, with the help of then President Fidel V. Ramos and his wife Mrs. Amelita Ramos, raised funds for the planting of 3,500 trees that have now grown verdantly together with century-old trees in the Park.

The Park is also rich in historical and cultural heritage, which dates back to the Spanish period. Being located next to the Pasig River, the Park served as a “Parian”, or a trading spot for Chinese and Filipino rice dealers. Not surprisingly, numerous Ming Dynasty artifacts surfaced in the course of the Park’s sustainable development.

As the years progressed, much of these trees have been cut down to give way to infrastructural developments, resulting to the deforestation of almost 70% of the Park.

On September 30, Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., we will be holding an event entitled Pagtatanghal ng Arroceros: Araw ng Kultura, Sining, at Musika to showcase the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Park. Different people and organizations will be performing and sharing stories about the Park. We will also be having a petition signing for the declaration of the park as a permanent forest park.

We invite you to join us in saving this thriving Forest Park, together with other volunteers, environmentalists, and thousands of students and citizens!

Arroceros Forest Park, Manila
9 AM - 6 PM
September 30, 2017


Takatak Project at the MET
Facilitator: Ms. Mary Velmonte

From wood carving to papier-mâché, and down to its decorative painting, this popular Filipino toy reflects the simplicity and creativity of local artists.

Learn more about The Takatak Project and how Laguna’s taka horses got a fresher and more contemporary look.

Workshop fee: PHP700 (inclusive of museum access, exhibit guided tour, workshop kit, and two taka horses)

Reservation form: http://bit.ly/Takatak
For more information, email info@metmuseum.ph or call 708 78 29.

Metropolitan Museum of Manila Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila
2 PM - 5 PM
700 php
September 30, 2017
Screenshot (92)
HOSTED BY: Clover Hartly

With the idea to give the homeless the same dignity and option as customers, The Street Store doesn’t just help to clothe the homeless, but also empower them by giving the retail experience of looking around and choosing their own clothes. Customers in need are welcome to choose an outfit for themselves from the hundreds of donated items, giving the gift of self-assured style along with needed clothing.

We want to thank the Manila Cathedral for helping us distribute admission stubs and the Intramuros Administration for allowing us to host a Street Store in the area.

>>What is The Street Store?
Street Store a one day free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. This movement started in Cape Town, Africa on January 2014 and has spread all over the world. If you wanna learn more about it, please check out www.thestreetstore.org.

>>What happens during The Street Store?
Basically people will come in to donate clothes, hang them on the posters and then the homeless can shop for free!

>>What can I donate?
Anything! You can bring clothes, shoes, bags, socks, blankets, anything! Things that you don’t use anymore but are still in good condition.

>>Where can I donate?
You can donate on the day itself – September 30 from 7AM to 12NN.

>>I want to donate but I can’t make it on September 30.
Leave a comment on the event and we’ll get back to you. :)

>>Can I volunteer?
Definitely! However we have already filled the slots for this event. You can sign up at www.cloverhartly.com/streetstore to get updates on the next one.

pin Postigo cor. Arzobispo Sts., Intramuros, Manila (in front of Palacio del Gobernador)
8 AM - 12 NN
September 30 - October 1, 2017


Join our 2-day photography workshop, PRACTICE: Photography The Workshop with Grid Magazine, on September 30 & October 1, 2017 and learn the tips of the tricks from local photographers: Carlo Gabuco (The Photo Essay), Miguel Nacianceno (Shooting Food & Interiors on Location), Nachi Ugarte (Interpreting a Brief) and Paco Guerrero (Portraits in the Field).

FIRST Coworking Community Units 502 & 506, First United Building, Escolta Street, Manila
September 29 - October 22, 2017


Directed by Dennis Marasigan, Ang Pag-Uusig will allegorize and examine the current political and social state of the country, making this timely and a must-watch for every concerned Filipinos.

September 29 to October 22, 2017
Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater)

Tickets are PHP 1000 (VIP), PHP 800 (Bleachers)

Available at Ticketworld Online and Outlets with hotline +632 8919999, the CCP Box Office +632 8323704, and the Tanghalang Pilipino office +632 8321125 loc 1620 and +63915 6072275, +63999 8843821.

Ang Pag-Uusig is rated PG-13.

Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater), Cultural Center of the Philippines
3 PM | 8 PM
800 php | 1,000 php