November 5, 2017


Happy 8th Anniversary TSP! November is always special as it is our anniversary month, and thus we will be holding our 67th Tiklop General Assembly (TiGAs) at Intramuros, the Walled City from which the Great City of Manila came forth. This is to make us think of our historical roots, of how we got here and where we go from here.

This is open to all decent people with a singular love and appreciation for folding bicycles. If you are a long time TSP member, or a new one, or have just heard about us, and are interested in these amazing machines, this meeting is perfect for you. We will be discussing relevant issues, past rides, future ones, learn a bit about these bikes, making new friends, and have fun in general.

Assembly is at the Plaza del Roma at Intramuros, at 9 am. This is the courtyard in front of the Manila Cathedral. From there we may go to the nearby Plaza Mexico for the meeting proper. For those biking, it is encouraged for members to organize riding teams in the general places they live so that they have riding buddies. For example, those who live in the Diliman QC area will meet at McDonald’s on Matalino Street at 7am. Those that will commute or go by other means of transportation are very much welcome to do so.

After the meeting, those who wish to do so can go to Binondo for lunch. Please bring extra money for lunch. See you all there. Happy Anniversary!

Plaza Roma, Intramuros, Manila
9 AM