September 30, 2017
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HOSTED BY: Clover Hartly

With the idea to give the homeless the same dignity and option as customers, The Street Store doesn’t just help to clothe the homeless, but also empower them by giving the retail experience of looking around and choosing their own clothes. Customers in need are welcome to choose an outfit for themselves from the hundreds of donated items, giving the gift of self-assured style along with needed clothing.

We want to thank the Manila Cathedral for helping us distribute admission stubs and the Intramuros Administration for allowing us to host a Street Store in the area.

>>What is The Street Store?
Street Store a one day free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. This movement started in Cape Town, Africa on January 2014 and has spread all over the world. If you wanna learn more about it, please check out

>>What happens during The Street Store?
Basically people will come in to donate clothes, hang them on the posters and then the homeless can shop for free!

>>What can I donate?
Anything! You can bring clothes, shoes, bags, socks, blankets, anything! Things that you don’t use anymore but are still in good condition.

>>Where can I donate?
You can donate on the day itself – September 30 from 7AM to 12NN.

>>I want to donate but I can’t make it on September 30.
Leave a comment on the event and we’ll get back to you. :)

>>Can I volunteer?
Definitely! However we have already filled the slots for this event. You can sign up at to get updates on the next one.

pin Postigo cor. Arzobispo Sts., Intramuros, Manila (in front of Palacio del Gobernador)
8 AM - 12 NN